Why You Shouldn’t Handle Wild Animals with Bare Hands

It is never safe to handle wild creatures with your bare hands. They can carry different diseases that can be transferred to humans and pets. A Louisiana mammal infected with the rabies virus can transmit the virus through their saliva. Other animals such as bats and birds can also carry pathogens and parasites that may cause lethal diseases. Therefore, we always remind our readers to equip themselves with sturdy gloves and face mask before they will handle any wild animals.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Animals with your Bare Hands
Wild New Orleans animals will act unpredictably. You will have to guard yourself from their attack to avoid any unnecessary injury. Here are more reasons that will convince you that handling wild animals with your bare hand is not a wise thing to do.

The Mother Will Abandon the Baby
In case you leave a trace of human scent on the nest of wild New Orleans animals, there is a possibility that the mother will abandon the little ones. We all know that the babies are completely dependent to their mother and separating them from their mother will lead to their inevitable demise. Study shows that in case the mother noticed that the nest has been disturbed by a predator (such as human) she will dessert and rebuild her nest elsewhere.

They Are Wild
Wild animals are wild, and they will attack you if they feel like they are being threatened. Some animals have sharp claws and strong teeth that can easily penetrate our fragile skin. Birds have strong talons that can tear our skin. Not all snakes will carry deadly venom, but they can still constrict their prey. If you do not want an emergency trip to the hospital, be sure to avoid handling these animals with your bare hands.

They May be Infected
Since the wild environment is not regulated, the animal can contract different types of diseases. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to humans. Though some of them may only cause common fever, there are some of them that can be lethal. Histoplasmosis, if not treated properly may lead to blindness. Rabies will attack our central nervous system that will eventually lead to death. Accidentally inhaling roundworms can cause respiratory infection that will eventually lead to organ failure if not provided with the appropriate medical assistance. Transmission of the disease can be prevented if you avoid interacting with the infected animals.

Wild animals can carry different threats that you may not be aware of. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to allow the professionals to handle it especially if they lack the necessary knowledge. They have the tools and experience to remain safe from the health risks and hazards related to wild animals. They went through a series of training that enables them to determine the right way to approach a wild animal. Removal of the nuisance animal is a challenging job and should never be performed by someone who lacks the tools and the expertise.

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