Rodents Will Damage Our Water Pipes

In our years of working in the wildlife removal industry, the most common request that we receive is to prevent the water damages that are caused by Louisiana rodents. The rodent chewing habit can cause damages to our pipes that will lead to expensive repairs. In fact, the cost of renovation can easily rise to $8,000. You will probably notice a spot of water damage in your ceiling first. If you don’t act fast, the leaking can cause irreparable damages and may encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

New Orleans Rodents and Plastic Water Pipes Will Lead to Disaster
Discovering that you have pesky critters crawling all over your house can be unsettling. New Orleans rodents can be dangerous. They will not only destroy the different parts and items in our house, but they may also carry zoonoses. They can contaminate our house by urinating and defecating all over that will compromise the quality of air inside. Fortunately, there are some ways on how you can avoid their infestation and the damages that our pipes can incur.

Damages on The Water Pipe Rodents May Cause
The damages that rodents may cause to our water pipe can sometimes be substantial. This may happen overtime, or it may occur in one giant swooping. In case the rodent will gradually damage the water pipe, tiny amount of water will be leaking. This fluid can seep through wood materials that can encourage the buildup of fungus and mold. This will then lead to the weakening of the wood materials. Though it is just a tiny drop, it may still be responsible for the decomposition of the wooden beams. It will only take a couple of weeks before the damage will be irreparable. Usually, you will need thousands of dollars to replace them.

How to Avoid the Water Damages of the Rodents
By taking some preventative measures, this incident can be avoided. You can ensure that your water pipes will remain safe from the chewing habit of the rodents.

Using Traps- If you need to deal with a rodent infestation, it is advisable to use a cage trap rather than killing them with poison. Some poison will have a dehydration effect that will eventually kill the creature. By using a cage trap, you can evict them from your house and keep your water pipes safe.

Seal the Holes- Another possible solution is to seal the holes that the rodents can use as access point. Some rodents can enter a hole that has ½ inch in diameter. You may need to inspect your roof and the exterior part of your house to determine all the possible entry points of the rodents.

In case you ended up dealing with a water damage caused by the rodent, it is necessary to address the root of the problem immediately. You should also hire the service of the expert that will serve as your guide. They will help you cover the necessary steps and provide advice that will prevent the recurring infestation.

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